Welcome to the Age of Regulation.

The global financial industry has never faced such a complex future. Technology infrastructure is struggling under the weight of a new regulatory regime. You have to make a series of mission-critical adaptations while still managing a tangle of legacy platforms. You’re constantly balancing short-term reporting and compliance with big-picture strategic systems development.

Whether your needs are in compliance, clearing and settlement, options, margining, or risk management, Davidsohn can help.

At present, our systems process more than 14 billion daily transactions. Our groundbreaking, custom technology transformed the global financial marketplace. Starting in 1956, we’ve led the industry from manual ticket entry to nano-second client servers. Spanning five decades, no Davidsohn system has ever failed.

It’s in our DNA to continue innovating. Through our Washington D.C. presence, we’re committed to guiding you through the uncertainties of the regulatory age. Looking forward, we offer visionary yet practical solutions carefully aligned to the needs of your culture. Our commitment to client partnership has no equal.

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